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Putting Strategy
to Work

My Single Point provides managers with the digital tools they require to meet their goals, Drop costs & boost effectiveness & efficiency

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Leader of enterprise strategy execution practice

Drive corporate culture to work towards clear goal definition and employee adoption with unique top-down versus bottom-up technology

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Practical technology for tangible results

My Single Point technology was especially designed to cope with enterprise complexity and variance and their specific needs.

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Your strategy
from a
single point

Orchestrate your strategy execution process by aligning budgets, employees, resources risks, and IT systems

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Yehuda Grossman Senior VP and CIO, Menora-Mivtachim

“We saved 25% in direct expenses, Aligning operational performance and significantly boosting our competitive edge”

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Leader of
enterprise strategy
execution process

Orchestrate your strategy execution process by aligning budgets, employees, resources risks, and IT systems

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3 Insights you need to effectively run an enterprise

The purpose of this short post is to convince managers working in major enterprises to push-back excel based reports, demolish the use of tailored dashboard, and vigorously refuse to attend meetings in which status or graphs are presented using Power...
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How can the IT become the leader of business strategy

Why is it that we all decide on Strategy but only 10% of us are actually able to execute it?

Find out how the IT takes a leading role in making Strategy Execution a success.

This Webinar is perfect for IT Executives, Strategy Executives and Operational Executives.


How to align budget planning to performance manager

Successful strategy execution starts with aligning the corporate’s activities with the business objectives.

A systematic approach to breaking down these objectives to projects through benefits and capabilities leads to better alignment. Join this webinar to learn about the best practice methods and tools available for planning and delivering strategic programs